Important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in india for ssc cgl

National parks and wildlife sanctuaries are some of the most beautiful and important places in the world. There are many important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India that are important for the SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, Railways, Banks exam . In this article we discuss some most important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in india for ssc cgl 2023 . We hope this will help you for your upcoming exams .


1. Bandipur Sanctuary : Bandipur Sanctuary situated in Karnataka, noted for gaur ( Indian bison ) and chital or spottemd deer .

2. Chandraparabha Sanctuary  : Chandraparabha Sanctuary situated in Uttar Pradesh, regarded as the alternative home of lions .

3. Corbett National Park  : Corbett National Park situated in Uttarakhand, is home of Asiatic Lion .

4. Dachigam Sanctuary  : Dachigam Sanctuary situated in Kashmir, noted for hangul or Kashmir stag .

5. Ghana Jharkhand Sanctuary  : Ghana Jharkhand Bird Sanctuary situated near Bharatpur in Rajasthan, wellknown for different species of birds .

6. Girl Forests  : Girl Forest situated in Gujrat, home of Asiatic Lion .

7. Hazaribagh National Park : Hazaribagh National Park situated in Jharkhand, Most of the animals and birds indigenous to india are found here .

8. Jaldapara sanctuary : Jaldapara sanctuary situated in West Bengal, noted for Indian Rhinos .

9. Kanha Natioanl park : Kanha Natioanl park situated in Madhya Pradesh, noted for Indian swamp Deer or Barasingha .

10. Shiv Puri National Park : Shiv Puri National Park situated in Madhya Pradesh .

11. Kaziranga Sanctuary : Kaziranga Sanctuary situated in Assam, well known for Indian one-horned rhinos.

12. Manas Sanctuary : Manas sanctuary situated in assam, noted for one-horned Rhinos.

13. Madumalai Sanctuary : Madumalai sanctuary situated in Tamil nadu, reowned for Elephants.

14. Nagarhola Natioanl Park : Nagarhola National Park situated in Karnataka.

15. Namdopha National Park : Namdopha National Park situated in Arunachal Pradesh .

16. Periyar sanctuary : Periyar Sanctuary situated in Kerela, reowned for Elephants.

17. Todoba National Park : Todoba Natiuonal Park situated in Maharashtra, famous for Spotted Deer .

18. Wild ass Sanctuary : Wild Ass Sanctuary situated in Ram Kutch, Gujrat for Wild Ass.

Hope that today you have got complete information about Important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in india for ssc cgl in our article. If you still want to ask anything regarding this, then message us in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.

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